what i love about TRADER JOE’s…

Hello friends!

Alright, this post is very near and dear to my heart because we will be discussing one of my favorite brands ever…TRADER JOE’S! Trader Joe’s, a staple of American society some may say (me, I say that), is one of the best grocery stores in my opinion. From the cute packaging, the variety of unique foods, to the cookie butter, Trader Joe’s really does have it all. I would consider this place a one stop shop, considering the fact they have fantastic beauty products too! 


Let’s dive in for a second as to why I love Trader Joe’s so much. 

  1. This store makes shopping easy. At normal grocery stores, you walk in and see a plethora of brands and options. TOO many brands and options if you ask me. How can you decide between so many different brands and kinds of the same exact thing? At Trader Joe’s, there is the Trader Joe’s brand and usually one other brand. You have the choice between organic or regular of the Trader Joe’s brand and that is essentially it. This makes shopping there much less overwhelming and much more straightforward. Thank you TJ’s for saving me a little time and sanity!
  2. As I have mentioned before on my blog, THREE LAYER HUMMUS. That’s it, that’s all number 2 is.
  3. Where else can you find everything but the bagel seasoning and this tasty of a vegan kale pesto? Trader Joe’s takes flavors and items people love and put their own unique twist on it. They acknowledge what consumers are into and work to make products targeted towards their customer base. Genius.
  4. Their pre-made meals are actually tasty and affordable. It is so easy to walk in, grab a quick salad, and continue with your busy day. They have healthy options that taste like quality food and won’t leave that big of a dent in your wallet. Meals like these are nice in college when you need something quick and portable. No dishes, no bulky containers in your backpack, and no worries.


Pros of Trader Joe’s:

  • Massive variety of foods
  • Vegan and vegetarian options
  • The best frozen section
  • Lemon Chicken Arugula salad
  • The ambiance
  • Free samples



… Yes this is blank on purpose



  1. Three layer hummus
  2. Lemon arugula salad
  3. Kale chips
  4. All of their soups
  5. Everything but the bagel seasoning
  6. ABC bars
  7. Vegan kale pesto
  8. New Zealand dried apple rings
  9. Frozen riced cauliflower bowl
  10. Crunchy salted peanut butter with flax & chia seeds
  11. Dark chocolate covered peanut butter cups
  12. Frozen chicken fried rice
  13. Plantain chips
  14. Veggie and flaxseed tortilla chips
  15. 3 seed beet crackers
  16. Organic pitted dates (fantastic frozen, tastes like candy)
  17. Frozen chocolate covered bananas
  18. Frozen chocolate covered strawberries
  19. Trader Joe’s brand whole grain bread (I don’t know why but this toast smells especially exquisite when toasted)
  20. Roasted and salted marcona almonds with rosemary

And that’s it, my 20 favorite Trader Joe’s items! 

One more thing…

If you are ever bored and looking for something to mindlessly watch, I HIGHLY recommend Trader Joe’s fan accounts. I know this sounds very weird, but hear me out. These accounts keep you up to date on all the new releases at Trader Joe’s. They highlight the best products and bring to your attention some products you may have once loved but maybe forgot about. My favorite is @traderjoeslist ; her IGTV bits are the best!

Hannah Hansen

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