what is playing on my SPOTIFY!

What it do friends,

Are you bored in the house? Or, are you in the house bored? Oh, do I have just the solution for you! Listen to some music! 

According to the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, music is a powerful tool that can not only improve a quarantine, but also improve overall health. Music has a multitude of positive effects including reducing stress and anxiety, decreasing pain, improving immune function, aiding memory, and aiding in exercise output. 

There are so many free ways to access music on the internet, and plenty of streaming services to help you create playlists and save your favorite jams.

And so there I was, sitting on my bedroom floor, feeling oh so hopeless and…you guessed it… bored. What to do, what to do? Well folks, I took to my spotify and spent a little time spiffing her up and VOILA: mood lifted, skin cleared, lottery won, all student debt forgiven, and instant world peace. Okay so some of those things obviously didn’t happen, but you get the point. 

The playlist:

Along with my music of the month playlists, I decided to create a new playlist called cheel (like chill, but different). This is the kind of music I put on my wonderboom speaker as I lay on the floor and sketch in my sketchbook or embroider some jeans. Calm, charismatic, captivating, catchy, yet casual. That is the vibe this playlist gives off. With a whopping 54 songs, that’s 3 hours and 18 minutes people, this playlist is NOT for the faint hearted. 

What I am currently listening to:

So I am not going to list all 50 songs, but I am going to list a few of my favorites from the playlist:

  1. July by Noah Cyrus, Leon Bridges
  2. Beyond by Leon Bridges
  3. XO by John Mayer
  4. Lost In Yesterday by Tame Impala
  5. Honeybee by The Head and the Heart
  6. Almost (Sweet Music) by Hozier
  7. Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson
  8. Saturday Sun by Vance Joy
  9. hungover sunday by Christian French
  10. Half of My Heart by John Mayer

You will just have to check out my spotify to see the rest! Here is the link to the playlist:


Besides cheel, I have been listening to my March 2020 playlist as well. Here is the link to that playlist:


My spotify:



Aaaaand that’s all folks! Thank you for listening to me ramble on for far too many words, and I hope you will check out some of these songs and find as much joy in them as I do! Happy last day of March!


-Hannah Hansen



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