what i CRAFTED this week…

…hey! it’s a me, mario!

Just kidding it’s Hannah, what’s up guys. 

Today I will be walking you all through what I crafted this past week. I’ve said it once and I will say it again… if I was a spice girl my name would be crafty spice. Just needed to share that.

Moving on, I have been spending my time here in an isolation prison by crafting, drawing, painting, embroidering, collaging, reading, etc. I used to be super into art and DIY projects/crafts, but sadly once I went to college those hobbies sort of faded out. Fear not though, because I am bringing them back and this time they are staying for good. I have a sketchbook I have made a significant dent in, I am on my sixth book of quarantine, I have embroidered one pair of jeans and I am currently working on a second, I have painted two landscapes, and made a handful of collages. 

So this past week, I crafted these four things!

  1. Chanel collage
    1. I printed off some ~aesthetic~ Chanel themed pictures I found on Pinterest. Then I painted a page of my sketchbook baby blue, added some details to the photos, and mod podged those bad boys into place. 
  2. Face sketching
    1. I didn’t really know what to sketch, but I knew I wanted to improve my portrait sketching skills. I decided to section off my page in an asymmetric manner and dedicate each box to a different element of the face. Turned out alright, but I for sure still have a long ways to go!
  3. Alpha Phi letters
    1. I found some old Alpha Phi letters in my room my big gave to me my freshman year. I decided to give them a little upgrade and painted them to look like ice cream! I think I am going to give them to my grand little or my great grand little this next year!
  4. Embroidered jeans
    1. I found an old pair of BDG jeans that are too small on me now. I decided to spruce them up a bit by embroidering the pockets and adding various details. Embroidery is a hobby I picked up during this quarantine for the first time ever, and I have to say, I really love it. I think I might sell these on my Poshmark page or make an Etsy store, because I plan to make more handmade clothes. 



There you have it! All the crafts I did this past week. Once midterms are over this next week, I will be back on the crafting grind once more. Thanks for reading and I hope you try out some of these crafts yourselves!

-Hannah Hansen

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