sustainable fashion spotlight: GIRLFRIEND COLLECTIVE

Good afternoon folks!

For this week’s sustainability spotlight, let’s take a look at Girlfriend Collective. Girlfriend Collective is an athletic apparel brand that prides themselves on their efforts in the world of sustainability. This incredible brand uses ethical manufacturing practices, recycled materials, and a completely transparent platform. It gets even better than that. You can go on their website and find out exactly where they make their clothes, how they make their clothes, and what their clothes are made of. All items are made from 100% recycled materials, with no forced child labor, fair wages, and safe and healthy working conditions. That’s pretty sexy if you ask me. Their recycled polyester is BPA free! Even their packing is made from recycled materials, and is recyclable itself! The brand has staple workout pieces that are durable and excellently made. The styles are simple and classic, with beautiful and bright colors. In addition to that, their prices are not crazy expensive, especially for the quality.

For my 21st birthday, my sister bought me a set from Girlfriend Collective. She got me the “Compressive High-Rise Legging” in Black and the “Topanga Bra” in Black. 


This set is incredible. The feel of the leggings and the bra is smooth and soft and they are so comfortable on the skin. They are the perfect combination between stretch and structure. I love the ⅞ length of the leggings because typically leggings are way too long for me and look weird. I wear this set on walks, when doing morning yoga, and even just running errands. The set makes you look put together and the quality is so good that you look elevated, classy, but still sporty and trendy. The Topanga Bra is so cute to wear just as a top too! I wore it with some layered gold necklaces and jean shorts and it was a look.

Here are some pictures of my set!


I highly highly recommend this brand, and cannot wait to buy more sets! Go check them out at and see for yourself! 

-Hannah Hansen

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