sustainable fashion spotlight: FRANKIES BIKINIS

Hello all,

Today is the day I have been waiting for, for all too long. One of my all time favorite bikini brands is Frankie’s Bikinis. The quality is fantastic, the patterns are fresh yet trendy, and their unique styles and cuts stay unmatched. On this platform, we stan a sustainable sister, WHICH IS WHY I am quaking in my boots typing this to tell you all (all 2 of you) that Frankie’s Bikinis came out with a SUSTAINABLE COLLECTION. Yes, you read that right: sUsTaInAbLe. 

Let’s get into it. The collection has a whopping 9 different pieces, and each piece comes in either black or houndstooth. The pricing is the same as their normal stuff, which doesn’t come as a surprise. The prices range from $85-$90. According to their website, the fabric they use is “produced using Amni Soul Eco, the only eco-friendly polyamide yarn in the world. This innovative technology allows clothing to quickly decompose after being properly disposed of in landfills. Unlike other fibers that take decades to be decomposed, Amni Soul Eco takes approximately three years to be eliminated from the planet. In addition, Amni Soul Eco technology is created using a production process that respects the environment through the reuse of water and reduction of greenhouse gases which are treated prior to being released into the environment”. Now THAT, is something I can get behind. It makes my heart so happy to see a brand I love so much take major strides towards sustainable practices and processes. 


My favorite set from this line is the Veronica Top and Bottom. A little twist on a classic, this combo is your average tie bottom and triangle top, but the set features a more rustic finish with thick ties which gives the whole suit a little elevation beyond the normal swimsuit. Simple with a twist, just how I like it. 


So go get your hands on this new collection before it sells out!

Shop it here:


-Hannah Hansen


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