how to make a GLASS album cover!

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Coming at you LIVE with another DIY tutorial to pass the time in the big Q (quarantine). Alright, so if you are an avid social media user, you might have come across this little DIY on tik tok or instagram or wherever. BUT, I tried it out and loved the finished product, so I wanted to share some tips, tricks, and instructions with you all. 


  • Piece of glass
  • Printer and paper
  • Sharpie
  • Tape
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Optional: small paintbrush and black paint


  1. Take a piece of glass out of a photo frame. A rectangular piece about the size of a standard piece of paper (8.5×11) is perfect in my opinion.
  2. Wash the piece of glass to make sure there are no dusty parts or scratched up parts. Dry the piece of glass completely.
  3. Now comes the fun part: pick your favorite (or one of your favorite) songs and find an image of the album cover you like (you can find album cover jpg on google). Save the image and put it into pages, word, google docs, or whatever document editor app you use. 
  4. Measure your piece of glass and imagine how much of the space you want the album cover to take up. I went with a nice 50/50 proportion, so half of the glass was occupied by the cover and the other half was occupied by the buttons and song length (I will explain in later steps). Set your album cover at the proper dimensions.
  5. Go into your music app and choose the song. I use spotify, so I went into spotify and played the song I chose. I took a screenshot of the song pulled up on my screen, then cropped it down to just the time and buttons.
  6. Next, I pasted this into the document with the album cover and printed them both. Make sure to print in color, because this is the album cover you will be using on the glass itself.
  7. Once printed, cut the album cover out as carefully as you can.
  8. Measure out the center of the piece of glass and make a little mark to guide where you will put the album. 
  9. Grab your mod podge and a brush. Cover the front of the picture (yes, the colored side) with an even layer of mod podge. Place your mod podged album cover in the correct spot based on the guide marks you made.
  10. Press down on the photo and make sure you are applying pressure evenly. Do not push too hard on the paper as it might tear. You can leave a textbook or something flat and heavy on top of it as it dries for a bit.
  11. Now, on to the bottom half. Cut out the screenshot that you printed out below the album cover. Tape it face down to the back of your glass piece. Flip the piece of glass over. You should have a perfect outline of where to draw in the play button, next button, etc. 
  12. The easiest way to do this next part is to use sharpie to trace the name of the song, band, and all the buttons and things. You can leave it like this with the sharpie, or take a small paintbrush and black paint and go over your sharpie.
  13. Wait for everything to dry.
  14. If you are like me and mod podge is always a messy deal, you’re going to want to take some soap and water and a towel and very carefully clean the back of the glass where any mod podge residue resides.
  15. All done!

Final product:


I hope this was easy to follow and you can get some cool wall art out of this unique idea!


-Hannah Hansen

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