my new favorite thing…PRESSED flowers!


No one talks about pressed flowers enough!!! Can we start a movement to normalize giving pressed flowers as a gift or occasionally in place of a bouquet of flowers??? I may be alone on this hype, but for some reason I have become OBSESSED with pressed flowers. Here are some of my favorite ones I have found on Etsy:

Aren’t those just the cutest things ever?! I think these framed pressed flowers make for fantastic wall decor. I recently bought a pressed flower frame on Etsy to make some myself. My vision for this frame is that I can put it on my nightstand next to my bed, and replace the flowers as often as I want to. Pressed flowers are also the perfect way to preserve flowers from a special occasion! You can press flowers from a wedding bouquet, birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, your first bouquet of flowers from your significant other, etc. So many occasions and memories that can be preserved through this sweet DIY project. There are also ways to press tiny flowers into different pieces of jewelry, how sweet is that?

The main function of this post was really just for me to be able to shout from the rooftops “I LOVE PRESSED FLOWERS”. So now that I have shouted, I digress.

-Hannah Hansen

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