sustainability spotlight: NUDI GOODS

Good Morning!

Today I am going to highlight a brand I just recently discovered. Nudi Goods is a plastic-free brand. They make lip balms, makeup, skincare, and candles, all while being environmentally conscious. Their ingredients are natural and simple, and one of their goals is to “coexist with the plant and care for ourselves”. LOVE. 

Their products:

They have an array of lip balms that are all plastic free AND biodegradable. They even have some vegan lip balms, as well as some tinted lip balms. For makeup, they have mascara plastic free mascara that either comes in a metal tin or biodegradable packaging, as well as brow taming wax that is plastic free and comes in the same options. To go with those, they have reusable spoolies made of bamboo. They have two shimmer sticks that are both plastic free and biodegradable, as well as cute little bottles of all over shimmer that are, of course, plastic free. They even have starter packs that come with a combination of their various makeup products which is so convenient. For skincare, they have a dry oil moisturizer, a soak, a sinus soothing balm, and natural deodorant. The deodorant has such simple ingredients and is even biodegradable. Finally, they have an array of soy candles that are in metal tins and are, in fact, handmade. 

This brand is such a wonderful brand that focuses on sustainability and eco friendly practices. The next time you see you are at the end of your mascara tube or need a new candle to spice up your living room, give Nudi Goods a look!


List of local businesses that carry their products:

  • Animalia // Salt Lake City, UT
  • Ethos // Capitola, CA
  • Eco Now // Costa Mesa, CA
  • The Source Zero // San Jose, CA
  • BYO Outpost @ Algalita // Long Beach, CA
  • JAR the Zero Waste Shop // Stuart, FL
  • Eco Collective // Seattle, WA
  • CityWell Brooklyn // Brooklyn, NY

This brand is a great way to take part in plastic free July and make some simple sustainable switches today!

Their website:

-Hannah Hansen

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