why you should be hanging EUCALYPTUS LEAVES in your shower!

Good Morning,

Just yesterday, I received a package I had been eagerly waiting for: my eucalyptus leaves! Recently, I have seen so many things all over the internet talking about the benefits of eucalyptus oil and hanging eucalyptus leaves in the shower. From aromatherapy to sinus relief, eucalyptus in the shower is something you should look into right away! Last night, I tied the leaves to my shower head and the steam of my shower made it smell like a spa. Even this morning when I walked into my bathroom, I was pleasantly surprised by the scent of eucalyptus that had diffused throughout the entire room.

Benefits of putting eucalyptus leaves in your shower:

  • Great for your sinuses
  • Aids in stress relief
  • Promotes mental clarity
  • Aids in headache relief
  • Promotes respiratory health
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Aromatherapy

Where you can find eucalyptus leaves:

You can order some on Etsy already pre-picked and tied together, or you can find some eucalyptus leaves in stores and buy some twine to wrap up the bottom and hang it on your shower head! This is such a fun little addition for your bathroom and really elevates the look of your shower, as well as adding a nice ambiance to the space.

Other ways to use eucalyptus:

  • Put the eucalyptus in a vase with some water for anywhere around the house. This will fill whatever room you put it in with some nice aromatherapy.
  • Buy some eucalyptus oil to diffuse in a diffuser. This also is another way to do some aromatherapy, and the eucalyptus oil is more concentrated and strong so the scent will be a bit more vivid.
  • Make bundles for your friends as gifts. Create a little spa day basket with a bath bomb, a homemade body scrub, a loofa, and a bundle of eucalyptus for them to hang in their shower. Super easy, cute, and crafty gift for any occasion!

There you have it, all the reasons you should invest in some eucalyptus and why!

-Hannah Hansen

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